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Our Products

Motion Control Products

DMI Technology’s line of Motion Control Products is evolving to meet growing customer demand. Our current offering is based on the D404 programmable stepper drive and related accessories.

Stepping Motors

DMI Technology designs and manufactures a wide range of stepping motors from 1.1” diameter (permanent magnet design) to 4.2” diameter (hybrid). DMI also has extensive relationships with global partners that allow us to provide global source pricing with world-class domestic engineering support.

Linear Actuators

DMI Technology designs and manufactures a wide range of linear actuators based on high performance hybrid stepping motors. Our new L1 and L2 DuraPlus series actuators feature Delrin rotor nuts. These linear actuators are a cost effective linear motion solution.

Brushless DC Motors

DMI Technology designs and manufactures a wide range of brushless DC motors in sizes range from Nema 17 to Nema 42. Peak torque up to 840 oz-in is available. All designs feature precision ball bearing construction, dynamically balanced rotors, and bonded neodymium magnet technology to provide high performance at a competitive price.

AC Induction Motors (50/60Hz)

DMI Technology has been designing and manufacturing high quality AC induction motors since 1942. Our designs, up to ½ HP, are known throughout the industry for their quality and reliability. These high quality motors feature ball bearing construction and dynamically balanced rotors for long life and smooth operation.


DMI Technology has designed and manufactured high reliability, high-flow AC fans/blowers since 1942. Our rugged designs are custom engineered to meet demanding applications. A wide variety of options are available including customized windings for high voltages and/or multiple speeds. All of our designs feature ball bearing motors for long-life, dynamically balanced rotating components for smooth and quiet operation, and rugged steel/aluminum construction for durability in harsh environments.

PMDC Motors

DMI is a leading supplier of DC motors to automotive, heavy truck, recreational vehicle, and other high volume markets. DC products are available in 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5” and 3.0” diameters.

AC Shaded Pole Motors

DMI is a leading supplier of AC shaded pole motors to the refrigeration and appliance industries. DMI is the leading supplier of evaporator fan motors in the United States. DMI has built a global supply chain, backed-up by domestic manufacturing capability and world-class service and support.

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